• Jordy Rousse

Digging Deeper into Malachi 1

What a convicting Word from the Lord we received this Sunday in the book of Malachi. It is overwhelming to think that these were the LAST words from God for about 400 years until Jesus was born! As I was studying through the book of Malachi, I thought is was really interesting to compare some of what was being discussed in this book with other passages of scripture to help understand Malachi better. I thought I would share some of the passages and questions that helped me in studying this book if you were interested in digging a little deeper. Biblical History of Esau/Edom - Who is Esau and why is he called Edom?

  • Genesis 25:19-34

  • Genesis 28:6-9

The entire vision of obadiah concerns Edom, but he is also mentioned in the New Testament. What do the following passages teach us about Edom or Esau?

  • Obadiah 1:4, 10-16

  • Hebrews 12:15-17

The priests What do the following passages of scripture tell us were the responsibilities of the priests? Also observe the references to the name of the Lord.

  • Leviticus 21:6, 8, 17

  • Leviticus 22:1-2, 20-25

How do the responsibilities of the priests mandated in scripture compare to what the priests were doing in Malachi 1?

What did you learn about the name of the Lord from these verses and from Malachi chapter 1? What do you think profaning and despising the name of the Lord means? Our sacrifice

  • Romans 12:1

  • What connection is there between our offering/sacrifice and our reflection on God's name?

Remember the start of the book of Malachi was a statement of God's love for His people and that He had chosen them! Even though the priests had completely turned their backs on the commands of God, He still loved them. He was not happy with what they were doing, but He did still love them. The very act of His correction and discipline over them was actually a sign of that love. How does the fact that, if you are a believer in Christ, God has chosen you and loves you encourage you today in view of how He loved the Israelites in Malachi? I pray that studying the words of Malachi encourages you to live according to God's holy scriptures in response to His love for us.

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