Staff Reading Recommendations

"If you have some lingering doubts or apologetic questions about the validity of Christianity, this book is for you! Tim Keller is a modern day C.S. Lewis in his ability to make a very reasoned, logical and persuasive case for the Christian faith. This is my #1 book recommendation for skeptics who are willing to investigate the God presented in the Scriptures."

-Pastor Bill Jemison

"What's So Amazing About Grace is one of my favorite and most recommended books. Full of stories and powerful illustrations, Yancey helps us to grapple with the head scratching reality of God’s grace. Most of us sing the song, “Amazing Grace,” but don’t fully appreciate just how amazing it really is. If you read this book, you will appreciate God’s grace more than you ever have before."

-Pastor Bill Jemison

This classic from J.I. Packer teaches us about the incredible value of having a clear picture of the character and qualities of the God who loves us and wants us to know Him. The first few pages alone are packed with truth that moves you toward prayer and worship of God. Each chapter addresses a particular truth about God, and explains how that truth is presented throughout the Bible. Knowing God is solidly grounded in the truths of scripture and will help you in your understanding of God, and in your desire to know Him and worship Him. 

-Pastor Robert Durbin

Jonathan McKee's latest parenting book provides real-life examples of parents sharing about what they would do differently if they had a "do over." Jonathan's style is fun and engaging, but also grounded in truth and faith. This book has practical, applicable wisdom for parents in any stage of their parenting experience! BONUS: Jonathan has FREE videos on YouTube that serve as a training companion to the book (Session One:

-Pastor Robert Durbin

"Theology is very important because what we believe about God directly affects how we live and serve Him. Christian Beliefs covers 20 of the basic theological beliefs that every Christian should know. So whether you are a new believer or a mature Christian, this book is a great resource to help help ensure what you believe about God is true and grounded in scripture."

-Pastor Jordy Rousse

"What Happened to Worship is a great book that invites us evaluate the way we worship and why we worship. We were created with a single purpose, to worship God and fellowship with Him. This book will have a profound effect on your personal worship."

-Pastor Jordy Rousse

When Kids Hurt is a book by author Chap Clark. In today’s world, Chap Clark gives insights into the minds and struggles of teens. This book is a great resource for anyone who is involved in a teen’s life and are wanting to know how to relate to them better. 

-Robert Schwertz, Youth Minister

"Whether you are in a struggling marriage or you are in a “perfect” one, I highly recommend reading the book Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.  This book gives great insight of how God designed men and women and how to respond to one another in marriage. We are wired differently, but somehow, we expect our spouse to be just like us. This book, along with its Bible study, has helped Mike and I in our own marriage. As many of you already know, we were heading on a path to divorce. By God’s grace, He has used books like this to help us strengthen our marriage. We enjoyed this book so much that we have actually lead the Bible study on it three times! So why is the Children's director recommending a marriage book? I'm glad you asked! It's because I firmly believe that the key to having a good structured family is by first building a godly marriage and modeling that to our children. "

-Sheila Gros, Children's Ministry Director


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