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Lafourche Parish is the hub of a vast array of hard-working oil field and fishing industry workers. The oil field has seen a decline in recent years, and as of 2019 17.5% of the parish’s population is living below the poverty line.  Bayou Lafourche is the waterway that runs through the middle of the entire parish, from Thibodaux down to Grand Isle, and the South Lafourche area is lovingly called “The Bayou”. Due to the widescale destruction by Hurricane Ida, the people of Lafourche Parish, especially South Lafourche, have either experienced damage to their homes or have lost their homes entirely. And on top of this, many are also experiencing job loss as the community is still without power and drinking water.

Who Community Bible Church is to the community --   CBC already runs a food pantry house in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank of South Louisiana; We also have a clothing closet in the food pantry house. And we assist those less fortunate in the community with our Benevolence Fund by directly paying bills, gasoline expenses, and other general expenses/needs they may have.


What CBC's purpose is for raising relief funds -- The bayou is a small community with only 2 major highways. On top of being well known in the community, CBC has a great parking lot and is in a central location—perfect for being a relief supplies hub. Hurricane Ida damage has affected at least 75% of the homes in the community, displacing families, leaving people without electricity, running water, and air conditioning in one of the hottest months of the year.

Immediate needs are:

1. communication devices: wifi router/hot spot & cell phone booster system – right now internet and phone reception are very limited. Having these devices would mean that CBC can organize relief efforts much more easily!

2. drinking water

3.  ice

4. gasoline -- which is used to get supplies AND to power generators to keep refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners working as people are trying to clean up debris and rebuild their homes and the community.

5. generators

What is/will be CBC doing with those funds -- CBC is already working with multiple organizations and churches who have supplies to bring in and to serve meals to the community. We have been partnering with Second Harvest and other food non-profits to feed the community and we hope to partner with disaster clean up organizations like All Hands and Hearts or rebuilding organizations like SBP (formerly known as St. Bernard Project), etc.


Why donate to ‘’Church Restoration Fund” – The Family Life Center was a gymnasium style building that hosted many events. It was destroyed in Ida. Rebuilding it means the potential to house even more water & dry goods that would be distributed among the community, and/or house displaced community members/families, and/or house volunteer workers and/or be a cooling center for people in the community without air conditioning, etc. as the restoration process for the community will take months and even years.




CBC is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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